Reliability & Professionalism


We chose Chris Thulin of T6 to do our home renovations, as Chris and his company offered the best combination of quality and affordability. Upon or investigation, we found that they had an excellent reputation for reliability, professionalism and honesty. The work completed was high quality, on time and brought in under budget. Chris offered highly personal and professional service and he involved or informed us every step of the way. We highly recommend Chris and his company to anyone considering building or renovating their home.

-Dale K.

Chris Thulin of T6 Construction has done great work for myself and my family over the last 20 years. Chris and his staff are really good, amazing ideas and input! Chris has designed and constructed many different projects for us over the years. Chris and his team have designed and built us new construction projects from the ground up, multiple different commercial and retail big remodels / renovations, and also multiple residential remodeling projects as well. Chris has built us all of these different projects with the same great result. Chris and his team have been top notch with design, layouts, budgeting of that design, great custom construction work, and great service after the projects have been complete. I would recommend him to anyone for his custom design and construction for both commercial and residential project of any size. Chris’s ability to design and construct our projects within our desired specifications and budgets has always achieved tremendous results.

T6 was awesome to work with. Chris and his team took our beautiful stone home built in the early 1920’s and renovated the entire home. Chris took all of our ideas and incorporated them into the renovation with his vision. Its absolutely perfect. He did all of the plans, designs, construction and serviced us after the completion of his work, very satisfied! T6 did an amazing job with our home renovation, made every new detail perfect. I would recommend Chris Thulin and T6 to anyone who wants an awesome product!